March Prayer List


PrayerList for the Unity Women's Desk

March 2018

As the Lenten Season continues, pray for yourself. Pray that you may be drawn closer to our Savior's side during this time so that you may be prepared to walk through Holy Week with our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray that you may grow stronger in your faith and more willing to serve our Lord however you are called to do so.

Please be aware that Friday, March 2, is World Day of Prayer. Please seek out a Church Women United service in your area and attend to pray for our world. Pray for our world leaders that they may seek peace and the health and safety of all people. So much is happening in our world and so many need our prayers. This year the focus will be on Suriname. Those of us who were blessed to visit there in 2016 will hold Suriname in our prayers.

Pray on March 8th as women around the world celebrate International Women's Day. Pray for women who do not have the freedoms that many of us enjoy. Pray for the freedom to become the whole persons that God has created them to be-to find opportunities for education, employment, and to learn the skills to raise children who will work for a more just world for everyone.

Pray for the Teofilo Kisanji University, the Moravian university and seminary in Mbeya, Tanzania. They are experiencing some financial difficulties and declining enrollments, and they need our prayers.

Pray for the many women who are pursuing studies to become pastors. Pray that they will be allowed to serve as the Lord desires them to serve.

Continue to pray for South Africa and the drought they are experiencing. Prayers are being answered as more days are coming with forecasts of rain.

Give thanks and praise for the peaceful transition of power in the government of South Africa. Pray for their new President and that the freedom and democracy that they desire may become a reality.

Pray for our sisters in Honduras who are becoming more active with the UWD, requesting scholarships, loans and project support for feeding the hungry children of their country. Pray that we may find ways to help them.

Give thanks and praise for another successful annual conference of the family centres, community centres and schools of the Czech province which was held in February. Sr. Ester Brozova writes: "Praise belongs to our Lord for the glorious things he's been doing in this ministry. It started more than 10 years ago with mothers and women in the church who wanted to bring Jesus to people around them. The desire was just to go to people in ordinary ways and be with them in their everyday life. Soon each congregation had some kind of their family club or centre. Now there are dozens of social and educational ministries and activities for all generations across the whole Czech province. Also an association which would connect all these activities was founded and it was called the Comeniana Association (in honour of Jan Amos Comenius). The conference is a special time of a year when all the ministers, volunteers and teachers meet together."

Pray for the work of the Lutheran-Moravian Church in Albania in Bathore, a very poor area outside the capital of Tirana. There they are feeding the hungry, teaching reading and writing skills, working with women who are victims of abuse, and engaging in evangelism efforts with the people.

Pray for the women of Africa who are planning an All Africa Conference later this year for all African Moravian women. You may contact Sr. Angelene Swart in South Africa or Sr. Mary Kategile in Tanzania if you would like more information.

Give thanks and praise for the over 100 girls and women who have received scholarships from the UWD. Pray that this education will help them to lead better lives and that they will, in turn, help other girls and women to get education.

Pray for the girls who are waiting and studying for examinations to determine whether they will be able to continue to pursue their education.

Pray for the Southern Province of America as they gather on March 18th to celebrate a very successful campaign to raise funds for the future of the UWD. These funds will be used to provide loans, to increase the number of scholarships to be given, and will provide funds for projects that women in our various provinces wish to pursue. Sr. Angelene Swart will be traveling to North Carolina to give the message at the service which will be held at 4:00 PM on that day. Preceding the worship service the UWD office will hold an open house in Cedarhyrst (where the Provincial offices are housed) from 2:00-3:30 for people to come and see the office and to learn more about what the UWD does. All are welcome to attend.

Pray for those who are hungry and homeless today. Pray for those fleeing from civil wars and famine. Pray for those who have lost jobs and cannot feed and house their families.

Give thanks if you are fortunate enough to live in a peaceful country, if you have a home to go to each day, if you have enough food to eat and clothes to wear, if you have abundant water to drink, and if you are able to make sufficient money to take care of your daily needs. Do not take these things for granted. Pray for wisdom and courage to help others who are not so fortunate as yourself. Pray for justice in our world.

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