April Prayer List


The Lord is risen! The Lord is risen indeed!

We pray that your Easter will be filled with blessings and the presence of our risen Lord.

Pray for those who have come to faith in Jesus Christ in the last year.

Pray for those who have never heard the Good News of Christ's life, sufferings, death, and resurrection. Pray that you may be ready to share your faith story with anyone who does not know Christ.

Pray for all those who are being persecuted for their faith and are not allowed to worship in peace and safety.

Pray for those who are without homes or who have been driven from their homes by civil strife in their home countries.

Pray for the women of Africa who are planning an All Africa Women's Conference later this year for all African Moravian women. You may contact Sr. Angelene Swart in South Africa or Sr. Mary Kategile in Tanzania if you would like more information.

Pray for the women of Guyana who have many wonderful initiatives planned for this year. Included in these plans are the implementation of a programme on "Care for the Elderly," an entrepreneurial skills training for their members, and financial support for their sisters who wish to study or are attempting to start up in business. May the Lord bless their efforts.

Pray for the women of the Nicaragua Province. On March 8 (International Women's Day), the Moravian women's unit in Nicaragua held a district conference. During that day, they took advantage of celebrating the International Day of Women with the church, with the participation of 140 people, women and men. It was very good. We thank all of you for having this initiative in our Moravian congregation. Also on March 2, they celebrated the Ecumenical World Day of Prayer in the Moravian church with the participation of 110 women. Thanks for everything to the creator of our world. During the World Day of Prayer, the country of Suriname was highlighted.

Pray for our women in ministry. Recently a number of women have been ordained and called to churches where women have never served as pastors before, and also quite a few women have been consecrated as presbyters. May their numbers increase!

Pray for women who are studying for the ministry in theological schools around the world, including online study. Pray that we will be able to find funds to help them achieve a well-grounded background in theology and Biblical studies.

Give thanks for the successful completion of the fund drive in the Southern Province of America, entitled Standing with Our Sisters. Pray that as the Advisory Board meets they will be guided by the Holy Spirit as they seek ways to work with our women in new ways. Included in this fundraising effort was a special fund to help women who are studying for the ministry and for higher education degrees.

Give thanks and praise for the wonderful service that concluded the Standing with Our Sisters campaign. Sr. Angelene Swart brought a wonderful message about the women standing at the foot of the cross and our responsibility to stand with sisters who are still suffering from the lack of justice in our world. We are hoping to publish her sermon on our website soon-www.unitywomensdesk.org.

Pray for the hundreds of thousands of youth and adults who are marching in cities around the world to end gun violence. They are doing so in a peaceful and respectful manner. Pray for their safety as they march that those who do not support their cause may not discourage them from being more active in the political processes of their nations. May our young people lead the way into a more just world.

Pray for those who teach in our Sunday schools that they may teach the ways of Christ that lead to a more just world in which our Savior would be welcomed rather than crucified.

Pray for the Unity Women's Desk as we begin the process of finding a new Coordinator for the Desk and also as we seek new representatives on the Advisory Board for the Regions of Africa and America. Give thanks and praise for the dedicated service of Sr. Angelene Swart and Sr. Sallie Greenfield who will retire from the Board at the end of 2018. May we be so fortunate to find two more such dedicated women to lead us forward.

More information will be available next month on how to nominate women for these important positions.

May your Easter Season be truly blessed.